Windmachines 2007 Berlin 16 mm / HD 3-Channel Video Installation 21'36'' Loop
super-8- and 16mm-loop and double video projection, 4 speakers

The installation displays windturbine fields, recorded with different techniques (Super 8, 16mm film, video, sound). The mill fields were visited and filmed at different times of the day in order to observe their change during day and night. At night, the machines send light signals. Original sound recordings of the rotating mills were worked so as to function as a three-dimensional surround sound with the visual installation. The wind turbines mainly interest me for combining static image combinations and the uniform motion in the image. Likewise, I love the fact that natural force generates energy through a uniform mechanical movement. The movement of the wings, as well as the nighttime red flashing, turns the machine into a living thing. The dubbing of the rotating wind blades emphasizes the machine’s strong essence.