WERDAUER WEG 1-6 2010 Berlin 2-channel video installation 16 mm HD Video 04'45'' Collaboration with Jenni Halili
Werdauer Weg 1-6, 10829 Berlin / 2008 / 4:45 min

The 16mm-Film is the mise-en-scène of a place, which was blindfoldedly discovered for 20 minutes. The experience on the spot were first verbalisied and recorded on tape. Those are the base of the movie. After finishing the film the location was revisited and documented with a digital camera. The film and video installation shows both visual recordings running parallely. One pair of headphones play the spoken text describing the location unseen and blindfolded. The second headphones play the sound of working on staging the location, like the motor of the 16mm camera in action.