Three fried slices 2015 Caracas HD 29'
Tres Tajadas / 2015 / HD Video / excerpt

The film Tres Tajadas is based on a screenplay I wrote during my stay in Caracas. Documentary shots of the City of Caracas are weaved into the fiction film, offering an inview/sight into the environment of the protagonists. The idea for the screenplay and the conception of the main characters develop from durational and continuous observations on the locations and they resemble people I have actually met there.

Tres Tajadas depicts episodes from the lives of people from three different social classes in Caracas, Venezuela, in the post-Chavez era. A couple who are both actors must enact a romantic love scene whilst they find themselves in the midst of an relationship crisis; two friends are looking for a way to earn some quick money in order to pay off their debts; a young man wants to confess his true feelings to his best friend before leaving the country. These people are only brought together as a result of a traffic accident. For one brief moment, the three stories merge together to become one.