The collektive TGN1 (THE GROUP NUMBER ONE), founded 2007 in Berlin, connects members from various artistic contexts. (Fine Art, Dance, Performance, Photography, Fashion, Industrial Design, Videoart, Installation). Pivotal point and driving force of the acting of TGN1 are the lust for exchange and cooperation as well as the accompanying moments of happiness, luck, frustration and success.


In the frame of the interdisciplinary exhibition «Link», the group TGN1 presents their collaboration. Instead of an expected group work, the installation «TGN1: INTERNATIONAL SHOWROOM» simply bares the resulted structures of communication of TGN1. Proven by a photography, a cardboard box in Helsinki contains the «artistic work». Next to the photo a contract is placed, with which to exchange the art in the box against the travel cost.

The «TGN1: DOKUBLOCK» documents the working process of the artist group.

684 pages/ DIN-A5/ inkl. DVD/ limited edition 20 Exempl./ 2008 Berlin


ALPINEUM Producers Gallery, Lucerne (CH), 4., 5. and 6. september 2008, daily 19-22 Uhr

The exhibition «Extrafrisch», curated by Daniel Küng, invited TGN1 to script an intervention. The piece «TGN1: EIN GASTSPIEL» deals with the arrangement GAME (ger.: Game=Play) (field – rules – figures) and its translation into the concrete setting of the GALLERY (as field) as well as the AUDIENCE (figures). Now the rules, written on 264 sticky notes, become important for the intervention.

Which mechanisms make the play a game? Which power relations are such created? How can one deal with the counterparts (winning / loosing), (inclusion / exclusion),  (pro / contra) and how can moments like such of cheat can be made productive? Which perspective is necessary to create these opponents for real and to make them visible? This scaffold of questions, functions as base for all three evenings, makes it possible to formulate playful approaches in space and through the show, to discuss, try out and double-check.


TGN1 - A Guestplay

For the documentation TGN1: EIN GASTSPIEL TGN1 developed the Doku-Box «Können wir einfach weiter machen?» («Can we simply move on?» ). In it all questions posed throughout the working process are collected and remain as playful essence of an again recombinable reflexion.

Doku-Box: Can we simply move on?