Protocols 1-16 Examination #1 Waitingroom Bürgeramt Berlin-Neukölln 2009

Since 2008 Rudi Fink and Nike Arnold examine places; sites of which they often have only just a vague idea. Sites they never visited. In their examinations they deal with the question, how knowledge about something is produced in general and which realities it creates. The investigation method they develop supports them in their process of questioning, sounding and acting. For each investigation they anew develop a ‘neutral’ setting, to activate the energies at site, to make it a specific situation.

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Installation 69:24 min. / two speakers / sound device/ CD / 36 chairs

Protocols 1-16

Examination #1  Waitingroom Bürgeramt Berlin-Neukölln 2008

The installation Protocols 1-16 shows a room with several rows of chairs, oriented towards two loudspeakers. Two synchronised protocols, based on the notes of Rudi Fink & Nike Arnold, are read aloud from either one of the speakers. The notes were produced in the waiting hall of the Citizens Registration Office, Town Hall Neukölln, Berlin between 01. Oktober and 07. November 2008. Daily, for 30 minutes during the opening hours, the space was visited and the movements within were scripted in protocols from two different positions at the same time. The speed of writing and the timeframe limit the amount of data and information possible to record. We choose writing as a method to on one hand underline the moment of the impossibility of the absolute capture of reality through the strong selectivity, jumpyness and difference in the observer positions – on the other hand an amount of concrete data material is collected, knowledge about that space noone had asked about, but which is made accessible as an archive through our work – like every archive it has gaps, which are announced in our sound installation: „No data existing for this day“.

The spoken texts were published in a book.

Protocols 1-16 / 2009 / edition 20 Stück / 12,5 x 19 cm / 144 pages
Protocols 1-16 / 2009 / edition 20 Stück / 12,5 x 19 cm / 144 pages