artist statement

I work with various photography, video and film formats, as well as with text and sound. I also often use the juxtaposition of image and text to blur the borders between reality and imagination. My artistic interest focuses on the portrayal of people and places over a longer period of time. The subjective examination of the person or the place should be recognisable in my work. It reflects the process of approach and documents the change in the relationship between the subject and the object. While examining over a longer period of time, the specific structures that distinguish a place, or a person, become visible.In my portraits of people, I question concepts of identity, illustrate people’s attachment to their social environment and the fragility and inconstancy of self-images. On the other hand, the portraits are not about making another person visible, but rather about describing the relationship between the portrayed and the portrayer, between observing, and being observed. My working process therefore often involves creating a concept in advance: the period over which I will visit a person or place and the duration of the film are determined from the outset. My process-oriented work method is thus markedly different from that of the individual portrait, in that it includes the contexts of its development. The process of creating the work, and the observations, research and method of telling and documenting the story are the starting material, which later lead to the end result through arranging, combining and adding – or omitting.