Arrival in Delta Zone 2011 Berlin Videoinstallation 13'23'' Collaboration mit Mikko Gaestel
Arrival in Delta Zone / 2011 / 13'23''

The film Ankunft in Zone Delta (Arrival in Zone Delta) is the result of a cooperation with Mikko Gaestel, a project for which we spent seven days and nights together on a Berlin rooftop. To the self-obstructed set of rules belonged to not leave the roof at any time of our experiment, to not contact the outside world and to have collected enough video material in the end to edit it out as a movie. The documented activities were developped on the spot and were partly freely improvised, the camera was operated by always one of us or is mounted on a tripod. The final plot was created in the editing process. Dialogs and Sounds were only added in the postprodukcion and thus seem artificial and to take a distance. The film does not aim for a documentation of the actual situation on the roof, but creates a fictional space and as a minimalistic chamber theatre deals with the human existence.

installation view: outside / PVC cube 2,50 x 2,50 x 3,50m
installation view: inside