Abdullah 2005-2015 Berlin Super 8 21'
Abdullah 2005-2015, four - channel - projection, 4 Super 8 films, 21', installation view

Over the time of ten years I visited Abdullah regularly in his flat, filmed him with a super8 camera and sound-recorded our conversations. My target was to document how Abdullah strucutures his everyday life through ever repeating activities. His days are separated into deroulements that vary little from one another: From the same cup he drinks the same kind of tea at always the same time. Doing this, he sits on always the same chair. After a short while also I had a fixed place and a dedicated role in that space. During the time our roles changed though – Abdullah began to direct the camera. He decided when and how he wanted to be filmed. And he began to pose in front of the camera. It was exactly this moment of Abdullah’s self-positioning I started to take interested in.